What is Normal?

It was suggested to me that I write a blog, that people might actually be interested in what I have been through. So here I am sat in front of a blank screen and it’s a bit daunting.

The aim of the blog is to recount how I am “getting back to normal” after treatment for breast cancer but unless you knew be before you will have no idea of who my life has changed.

That’s a starting point I suppose. Life comes in phases

There is that dim and distant “before school” phase followed by the wonderful(!) “school days”. For some these are swiftly followed by the “university days” but not for me – girls at my school were not encouraged to go to uni in the early 80s – so I skipped this phase and went straight to the “working phase”.

The “working phase” runs alongside various other life phases. Meeting the other half, the “courting phase”, followed some 8 years later by the “marriage phase” and then the “children phase” through whom you relive the early phases of your life.

So where am I know? Through my children I am coming to the end of the school phase and starting on the university phase.

It is very easy to lump all of these as the “pre-cancer phase” of my life – which it was but I cannot and will not let cancer define me like that. The “Cancer phase” was, in the grand scheme of things, fairly short – from the first trip to the doctors to end of treatment around 2 years.

So where am I now? I think this is the “rediscovery phase“. Treatment is finished but I am yet to define my new “normal”. Normal will never be what it was, but will hopefully improve as time goes on.

Normal will never be what it was, but will hopefully improve as time goes on.

2017 08 25_Liz_1388

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